East Park London - Review

East Park London lives up to its billing as "London's Place To Play!" With a water park, go-kart track, two mini golf courses, indoor games facility and 18 hole golf course it will have something for everyone. 
splash pad kids water park

Water Park

The water park has seven waterslides. There are two single rider inner tube slides which are great for two people to race to see who comes out the bottom first. In the same area there is one slide for double tubes so a parent can ride with a child.

There are two water slides where the riders use mats. My two sons thought these slides were slow, and got stuck part way down so had to use their hands to get moving again. However my daughter and I thought they were faster than the tube slides.

The final two slides are body slides. A bonus with these slides is fewer people use them versus the tube slides so you are allowed to skip the tube line to get to the body slides. The "caterpillar" is a large slide with numerous bumps that give the rider a sense of weightlessness as they rise up each bump. Our families' favourite was the "bullet", a near straight 55' drop. My sons did this slide over 20 times each when we were there, but they were told one rider did it 55 times!

The wave pool at East Park London is a nice spot for families or relaxing. It isn't built for thrills like large wave pools such as those at Wet N' Wild in Toronto or Disney in Florida. The waves are less than 2' high and the pool is less than 6 feet in the deep end. The wave pool is surrounded by a large deck with lounge chairs so it's a good place to set-up camp for the day. Arrive early as spots get claimed fast.

For smaller kids there is a really good splash pad with a wide variety of water jets, spraying amenities and a giant water bucket that dumps water on the climbing structure periodically (much to kids' delight). 
mini golf course Thomas the Train


There are two mini golf courses at East Park London. Harry's Goofy Golf is a traditional mini golf course with a variety of fun and challenging holes. The course is well maintained and has lots of interesting design features.

Those looking for a more serious game Golf Zone is a course with a special surface that simulates the putting experience of a regulation golf green. 

The 18-hole golf course at East Park London was designed by Robbie Robinson. It is a short course totalling 4,146 yards from the white tees and 3,639 yards from the reds. The par 62 course has only one par 5 (477 yards) and is mostly par 3s (11 holes). There is only one small water hazard. If you are an advanced golfer this course is not likely for you. 

There are also mat and grass hitting areas at the driving range. 
go-kart track racing


The go-kart track covers over 1,800' of twists and turns. It will challenge all but the most experienced race car driver. For parents with young children there are double cars. For those over 4'6" and 10 years grab a single kart. There are a large number of go-karts available so when the park is busy racing is a challenge with few moments of open, straight track. One race session is approximately 10 minutes in length. 
hamburger and french fries


The rock climbing wall is 40' high and offers relatively straight climbs to more challenging routes with overhangs.

The bumper cars are round, more like hovercrafts than traditional rectangle cars. They don't have steering wheels and instead use two handles on either side of the driver that control forward and back motion (much like a zero-turn riding lawn mower). The bumper car area is not massive so collisions are frequent but pretty calm.

The jungle gym is an excellent two story play area much like you would find at McDonald's, only bigger. It includes a ball pit that is quite large.

The arcade is like a smaller Chuck E Cheese with a variety of games such as Skee Ball, Pop-A-Shot and Wheel of Fortune. Players can win tickets that are redeemable for prizes (don't expect top quality however).  

East Park London offers typical amusement park food options such as burgers, hot dogs and fries. They do offer eggs, bacon and toast for those that love breakfast. There are a variety of treat options with the highlight being the slushie machines. Outside food is not allowed in the park but once you have purchased your wristband you may enter and exit the park at any time. The parking lot, with a picnic area, is less than 2 minutes from the park if you wish to bring your own food.